Summer in Churchill 2018 by Jim Baldwin

Most people recall their experience with Tundra Buggy® Driver Jim Baldwin by his affectionate call-out, "Buggy Nine, Buggy Nine" which he uses to refer to the Tundra Buggy he's been driving since 2006. In addition to driving Tundra Buggy each autumn during peak polar bear season, Jim has become an essential part of our Frontiers North team during the summer as one of our main Tundra Buggy drivers. Although summer isn't peak polar bear season, Jim would agree that exploring the tundra during the slower months of July and August has its own set of unique rewards.

Jim Baldwin Tundra Buggy Driver

Jim is not only a talented Tundra Buggy driver; he also takes great photographs. See below for a collection of Jim's top photos from his summer in Churchill in 2018.

caribou in Churchill Manitoba

red necked phalarope

arctic fox and polar bear

arctic fox in summer

Churchill tundra berries berry

summer polar bear Churchill Manitoba Canada Tundra Buggy

eagle seen by Tundra Buggy fireweed

two caribou Churchill Wildlife Management Area

arctic fox in summer

beluga whale in Churchill

beluga whale tour in Churchill

caribou on Tundra Buggy tour

sleeping polar bear on Tundra Buggy Adventure

ptarmigan summer

two eagles in Churchill

summer polar bear Churchill Wildlife Management Area

pacific loon in Churchill Manitoba

arctic fox in summer

sandhill crane in Churchill Manitoba Canada

colourful tundra bloom flower Churchill Manitoba

polar bear Churchill Manitoba Canada summer Tundra Buggy

All photos were lovingly captured by the hilarious and multi-talented Jim Baldwin. 

Ready to join the adventure in Churchill, Manitoba next summer? 

Summer Adventures in Churchill

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