6 Gift Ideas for the Travel-Lovers on your List

As the year draws to a close, a special time of love and giving resonates within our hearts. It’s the holiday season, and chances are, you’d like a little help coming up with gift ideas for your friends and family.. Forget the stress of seasonal shopping for things people don’t need. Give the gift of an experience—something that gives your loved ones memories for the rest of their life. It truly is the gift that keeps giving. Not sure where to begin? Check out these six experiences in Canada’s North:  

1) Give the “foodie” in your life a once-in-a-lifetime dinner at Dan's Diner.

Dine under the dancing northern lights at Dan's Diner, a well-crafted culinary experience unlike any other dinner you’ve ever had. Amazing chef, Jared Fossen, designs a marvellous multi-course menu, featuring delicious dishes using local fare. While the food alone is worthy of the trek, the incredible vistas of the night sky above take dinner from a meal to an experience. The panoramic windows provide perfect views of the colourful northern lights throughout your dinner (weather permitting). But don’t feel like you have to look up the entire time—there are more lights to see after dessert! As dinner concludes, you will board the massive Tundra Buggy® once more to experience the spectacular sights of thousands of twinkling stars above neon ribbons of green and pink, illuminating the immense sky. Truly, can you imagine a more enchanting evening than this?

2) Wildlife enthusiasts will love going on a Manitoba safari!

Did you know there is a Manitoba “Big Five?” And all five of these animals give Africa’s version a run for their money. Venture through Riding Mountain National Park in search of moose, black bears, and bison. Then travel to the subarctic destination of Churchill to explore the barren tundra, seeking out polar bears, as they laze along the coastal waters. In the nearby Hudson Bay and Churchill River, beluga whales might just pop up to say hello. The animals aren’t the only wonders you’ll see during your adventure—bold boreal forest, deep gorges of the Manitoba Escarpment, lush meadows, colourful tundra, and glistening lakes provide a beautiful background for your adventure. An abundance of flora covers the wilderness landscape, creating a spectacular scene of greenery dotted with colourful wildflowers. Between safari-outings, take time to explore Churchill. Visit the Itsanitaq Museum and learn about the original inhabitants of this region. See Inuit carvings dating back thousands of years and learn how they survived on the snowy and icy tundra.  

3) Even the one who “has it all” will love a trip to see the northern lights.

Did you know seeing the northern lights is on most people’s bucket lists? And no wonder why! Bright, colourful, dancing lights across an immense night sky—can you imagine anything more romantic? In fact, a northern lights vacation is the ideal gift for those looking to show their love to a significant other. Thinking about getting engaged? What could be more magical than the aurora borealis as your backdrop! Already married? Fall in love all over again as you cuddle beneath the fanciful green and pinks glows. And while there may not be any northern lights during the day, there are plenty of other activities for two, like snowshoeing, dog sledding, shopping, and fine dining. Don’t miss out on this special opportunity to connect with the love of your life.

Thinking about getting engaged under the northern lights? Check out this couples story for inspiration.

4) Look no further for your “young adventurer” than a family trip to Churchill.

More and more these days, families are choosing to give their children a vacation rather than items, which will most likely be tossed aside before the end of January. Memories from an incredible trip together, however, will last a lifetime. Summer in Churchill is an excellent time to bring the family together for some frontier adventures. Go whale-watching in the Churchill River during the annual beluga whale migration—your kids may just recognize a familiar face from Finding Dory. Travel into the tundra on the famous Tundra Buggy for an indepth look at the arctic wilderness and its flora and fauna. Think you can’t go dog sledding without snow? Think again! Dog-carting is just as fun and totally doable in the summer sun. Perhaps you’re looking for a fall getaway? Autumn in Churchill is all about the polar bears. Your family will love getting to see these fluffy white bears in action from the safety of a Tundra Buggy. Did you know the 1.5 meter (5 foot) wheels not only help the Buggy cross over the icy terrain but also keep viewers a safe distance from curious bears? That way, you can get amazing pictures should a friendly fellow decide to come closer for a better look at you! No matter when you choose to bring your family to Canada’s North, you’ll be happy you did.  

5) Gave them a nice camera last year? Give them a photographic experience this year.

The sights do not disappoint in Canada’s Northern wilderness. From the picturesque peaks to the rolling meadows, from the boreal forests to the glassy lakes, this frontierland is just waiting to be captured on film. (Okay, so maybe “film” is a thing of the past, but you know what I mean.) But even greater than the natural wonders making up this vast landscape are the creatures living upon it. And no arctic animal is more intriguing to photograph than the majestic polar bear. Visit Cape Churchill to get the best shot of a polar bear in its habitat. Watch as a mother and her playful cubs trot across the snowy plains. Or perhaps you’ll see a pair of males grappling on the ground as they playfully practise their sparring techniques. Your lodgings for such a special expedition should be just as fantastic. Stay in the Tundra Buggy Lodge, a hotel made up of connected buggies, keeping you near the powerful polar bear at all times. Imagine waking up, looking out your window, and seeing a polar bear right outside. At the “Polar Bear Capital of the World,” it really does happen.  

6) “Giving back” always warms hearts during the holidays.

Isn’t there just something wonderful about giving to others? That’s probably why the holidays are so beloved—when you give to others, you’re really giving to yourself, too. There are certainly ways you can give to support Churchill and its surrounding region. Can you imagine a world without polar bears? Unfortunately, the current climate trends are not helping our furry friends. But you can help. Polar Bears International allows you to “adopt a polar bear” to help support research, education, and action efforts to save these lovable mammals. Who wouldn't love to receive an “adopted polar bear” as a present? Looking to support fellow man? There’s a way you can help there, too. Hungry Bears Food Bank in Churchill provides food for the many families struggling to make ends meet after one the town’s largest employer had to close, leaving many without jobs. Who knows what your donation could provide to a family in need?  

Give a different kind of gift this holiday season…

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