What to Wear - Churchill Autumn Edition

The weather in Churchill varies greatly from season to season, and the wind coming off of Hudson Bay can often make temperatures feel even cooler than reported. The average temperatures for October and November vary from -13˚C to -2˚C (9˚F - 29˚F) but often strong winds can push the temperature down several more degrees (the ‘windchill’ factor). 

Whether you are enjoying polar bear viewing from a Tundra Buggy or bounding through the boreal forest on a dog sled ride, we recommend that our guests dress in layers to make sure they are comfortable throughout their adventures.

To make packing for your adventure to Churchill a little bit easier, did you know we offer our guests outstanding Canada Goose parkas and snow pants, and Baffin boots through our Gear Rental Program*? No need to pack those heavy boots and that fluffy parka, we've got you covered!

*Please note that gear rentals are only available on our trips with a pre- and post-night stay in Winnipeg.

Here is our suggested packing list for our autumn adventures. 

  • Warm hooded parka
  • Long underwear or thermal layers
  • Snow/ski/wind pants
  • Warm sweater and/or hooded sweatshirt
  • Wool blend socks
  • Warm gloves/mitts and thin gloves
  • Hat, Scarf, neck warmer or similar gear to cover and protect your face against the cold north winds
  • Warm-rubber soled winter boots
  • Camera and extra camera batteries and memory card 
  • Reusable, sealable travel mug or water bottle

Nice to have, handy extras

And here are some of suggested items that our team can't live without when working in Churchill.

  • Camera and extra camera batteries and memory card 
  • A book about Churchill to help understand the natural history of the area. A Frontiers North Staff favourite is: Churchill Hudson Bay: A guide to Natural and Cultural Heritage by Lorraine E. Brandson. If you are already in Churchill you can find this book at the Itsanitaq Museum. 
  • Sunglasses, despite the cold weather the sun can still be very strong, especially when it is reflecting off the snow.
  • Sunscreen to block the reflecting sun off the Tundra.
  • Your phone, capture a shot that you can send back to your family and friends. 

Still not sure what to wear? This short video will teach you the basics of dressing for an adventure in Canada's North.


Do you have any questions about preparing for your adventure in Churchill?

Ask one of our Adventure Planners at adventure@frontiersnorth.com

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