How We're Combating Climate Change at Home

1. Water Conservation 

"We have time limits on showers in our home - max 3 minutes; we shut our water off when brushing teeth rather than letting it run; and we consider what we toss in the laundry hamper - not every article of clothing needs to be washed every single time you wear it (especially in winter with heavy sweaters)."
Jennifer Ash, VP of Finance & Operations
"Our kids are very good at watching water consumption and remind us when we might be wasting water. Kids are amazing little reminders! "
Lisa-Joy Gunter, Merchandise Manager of Fifty Eight North, Home of the Tundra Buggy

2. Energy Conservation

"We use LED bulbs in all our light fixtures and our exterior lights have photocell sensors, so they only come on as needed."
Stephanie Burke, Manager of Guest Experience & Logistics
"Turning down the thermostat - gives me a good excuse to wear one of the many sweaters I own too!"
Tricia Schers, VP of Marketing & Sales
"I use an electric frying pan instead of the stove to save energy. "
Taylor Cole, Communications & Marketing Coordinator
"I heat my home with wood."
Grant Chem, Manager of Sales and Guest Relations

3. Reduce Gas Emissions

"I downsized my home and moved closer to my workplace so that I spent less time commuting and burning fuel."
Tricia Schers, Former VP of Marketing & Sales
"I reduce my gas emissions by never allowing my car to idle for long periods."
Amanda Van de Woestyne, Former Adventure Planner
"I carpool to work."
Grant Chem, Manager of Sales and Guest Relations

4. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

"Our family makes a point of making school snack, lunches and on the go meals garbage free by using re-usable bags and containers."
Lisa-Joy Gunter, Manager of Fifty Eight North, Home of the Tundra Buggy
"I always try to buy items that come in packaging that I can recycle or reuse for other purposes. We make very little actual garbage in our home which means there is less going to landfills". 
Brandi Hayberg, Communications & Marketing Coordinator
"I bring my backpack and re-usable bags when grocery shopping and say no when the cashier asks if I want a plastic bag. I re-use any plastic shopping bags I end up at home with as garbage bags."
Tong Liu, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

5. Sustainable Living Practices

"We don't cook a lot of meat in our house but when we do we try to buy more sustainable options. This past year we took part in a local farm share that provided locally-raised poultry and meat. It was rewarding knowing that not only were we supporting a local farm, but it's also nice to know where our meat is coming from and that it's being raised responsibly."
Brandi Hayberg, Communications & Marketing Coordinator
"I’m working on switching my eating habits to eat more vegetarian options and less meat. I’m a carnivore, what can I say!"
Tricia Schers, Former VP of Marketing & Sales

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