Michelle Valberg's Cape Churchill Photo-Essay

Renowned and sought after as a landscape, wildlife and portrait artist on the global stage, Michelle has built a reputation for capturing unnoticed details that change our perception, as well as the unsettlingly vast landscapes that alter our perspective. Known for her arctic photography, Michelle has made over 30 trips to Canada’s Arctic, as well as Antarctica.

"I am thrilled to be joining the amazing Frontier's North Adventures team again this year for the Cape Churchill trip, “ said Valberg. “The whole experience including the Tundra Buggy, clients, food, staff, extraordinary landscape - including northern lights - and of course, the incredible polar bear viewing, is out of this world.  It is a once in a lifetime trip and I am so happy to be able to share it again with photography and wildlife enthusiasts from all over the world.”

By joining the Legendary Cape Churchill Expedition, Michelle lends her vast knowledge as an arctic photographer to guests who have travelled from around the world to capture breath-taking imagery of polar bears in the pristine environment found on the frozen tidal flats of Cape Churchill.

Below are just a handful of images that Michelle captured during our 2015 Legendary Cape Churchill Expedition.  

Polar bear peaking over the edge of snow in Wapusk National Park.

A playful polar bear romping in the snow.


Northern lights over a Tundra Buggy in Manitoba, Canada.

The Northern Lights putting on a show over Tundra Buggy #13. 


A sly red fox creeping over the tundra in Churchill, Manitoba.

A wary red fox makes his way across the frozen landscape. 


A mom leading her cubs over the tundra in Wapusk National Park.

A mother bear leads the way for her two cubs. 


A mom and cubs taking a rest in Wapusk National Park, Manitoba.

Mom and cubs stop to take a rest - and provide some great photo opportunities. 


A polar bear in the sun in Wapusk National Park, Manitoba.

A perfect pose as the sun at Cape Churchill begins to sink below the horizon. 

2020 marks our 40th anniversary of adventuring to Legendary Cape Churchill in Wapusk National Park. Learn more about Polar Bears at Legendary Cape Churchill Expedition

Join us on our    Polar Bears at Legendary Cape Churchill   expedition!

All images: ©Michelle Valberg

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