How a Guide Adds to Your Northern Lights Photography Tour

Although Churchill is primarily known for its October and November polar bear season, it is quickly becoming a northern lights hot spot for photographers wanting to capture this incredible phenomenon. Not all northern lights adventures in Churchill are created equal, but one sure way to have the best experience is to book a trip that includes a northern lights photography guide.

Having a Northern Lights Photography Guide Helps!

1) Weather is unpredictable

Your guide is familiar with the weather and climate in Churchill, Manitoba. Average temperatures can range from -15ºC to –25ºC (5ºF to -13º F), but often-strong winds can push the temperature down even lower (the wind-chill factor). Temperatures and conditions can change in a matter of minutes and your guide will know how to deal with the situation whether it’s a whiteout blizzard or a chance of frostbite.

2) Schedules may change

Your guide is there to ensure you enjoy all parts of your trip run smoothly. If an element of your trip gets rescheduled or delayed due to weather the guide is there to figure it out. Your guide will give you a daily/nightly rundown of the schedule ahead so you are always aware of what’s up next.

3) Interpretation adds to the experience

Not only is your northern lights guide familiar with photography, but they are also familiar with the culture, wildlife and history of the Churchill area. A good guide provides interpretation during transportation, shares their northern lights knowledge and might even have a few great stories to tell about their time in Churchill.

4) Finding the best photography location

Although your trip to Churchill during February or March can be filled with great winter activities like dog sledding, snowshoeing and the Parks Canada Interpretive Centre, the main reason you travelled to the 58º parallel is to see northern lights. Your northern lights photography guide and Tundra Buggy Driver are there to escort you via Tundra Buggy away from the lights of town to the warm Thanadelthur Lounge that is parked across the frozen Churchill River. This means you will have the chance to capture images in a natural landscape without being hindered by city lights.

5) Taking the perfect northern lights photo

Night sky photography can be tricky if you aren’t completely familiar with the manual settings of your camera. If you aren’t sure how to set up your camera, don’t worry because your northern lights photography guide will host a photography clinic when you get to Churchill and will be available to provide some hands-on help throughout your tour. Your guide will recommend camera settings, positions and techniques that will help even the most novice photographer get the chance of going home with stunning images.

Our Northern Lights and Winter Nights Enthusiast programs include activities in Churchill, northern lights viewing sessions from the Thanadelthur Lounge, meals, transportation, accommodations and a friendly photography guide.

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