Five Reasons to Bring the Kids to Churchill for Halloween

1)    Costume over Snowsuit = Canada

If you are from a warmer climate than Canada, you may be unfamiliar with the common Halloween costume conflict of, “will it fit over my snowsuit?”

Going trick or treating in the snow or slush is a rite of passage for all Canadians, and even more so for the kids who trick or treat in Churchill – the Polar Bear Capital of the World – where the average temperature on Halloween dips to below -10º Celsius (14º Fahrenheit).

2)    The Fear Factor

Trick or treating in a town with a polar bear population that outnumbers the human population sounds like something you’d watch in a horror movie. Although the element of fear is real - the town is in the center of a polar bear migration path after all - the actual risk level is very low. If your kids are tired of the same old haunted house, it’s time to take them trick or treating in Churchill where the world’s largest land carnivore roams nearby. Talk about spooky!

3)    Safety is #1

Although helping your kids have a spooky Halloween is a big deal, Halloween safety is a parent’s number one priority. Halloween safety talks happen every October in schools across the world, but in Churchill, Halloween safety is taken to the next level. Each October 31st, volunteers from Polar Bear Alert, Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship, the RCMP, Parks Canada, the Canadian Rangers, the Churchill Fire Department, Churchill's Emergency Medical Services and Manitoba Hydro combine efforts to ensure a safe and fun night for the community's youth.

Prior to sunset, a helicopter patrol is done to spot any bears that may be close to town limits; any bears close to town limits are encouraged away from the area. During trick or treating hours, two-person units from each volunteering agency climb into their vehicles and begin to patrol their assigned routes, keeping their eyes open for polar bears that might be wandering into the area. Churchill may be one of the most heavily patrolled trick or treating adventures in the world!

4)    Town Unity

Halloween is a big deal in Churchill. Not only do groups from Churchill and town volunteers unite on October 31st to ensure the town’s children have a safe evening, but they are also united in their Halloween spirit. The town's houses and businesses become speckled with fake spider webs, glowing jack-o-lanterns, and spooky tombstones. Extra perk: your kids can go trick-or-treating at the local businesses as well as private homes for a special Halloween treat.

5)    Best Story Ever

Having the opportunity to go trick or treating in Churchill is an experience like no other. Halloween in Churchill has attracted media attention from around the globe, encouraging some people to travel north to experience the event for themselves. A few years ago, actor Dan Akroyd and director Rob Reiner travelled to Churchill not just to see the bears but also to take part in this phenomenal community event. Once your kids experience Halloween in Churchill they will never stop talking about the “best Halloween ever!

Looking to bring your kids to Churchill? In 2017, Frontiers North will be launching our first ever Churchill Family Adventures with select dates in summer and autumn. Contact us for more information on a Halloween adventure in Canada’s north!



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