John K. Samson’s Churchill Experience

The fundraiser was conceived by Frontiers North Adventures CEO John Gunter and Tundra Inn Owner Belinda Fitzpatrick as a result of layoffs in Churchill that left more than 100 people, about 10 per cent of the town’s residents, out of work. Gunter and Fitzpatrick were looking for a way to help those workers and their families make it through the long, cold winter ahead. What resulted was a benefit concert to bring hope to the community and raise attention and money for Churchill’s Hungry Bears Food Bank.

“We wanted to do something. This is a small town and everyone knows everyone. We’re neighbours and we’re friends,” said Gunter. “I reached out to John K. and he immediately understood what we are trying accomplish. He is very gracious and has offered to help us elevate the awareness of this important issue beyond the town of Churchill.”

Frontiers North Adventures worked with the Churchill Food Bank to launch a website to accept donations:

Video production company Handcraft Creative joined John K. Samson and the Winter Wheat Band in Churchill to document their experience in this friendly northern community. Watch the video below to see their full experience in Churchill and footage of  "Postdoc Blues" from John K. and Winter Wheat during their performance at the Tundra Pub.




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