#FindTrueNorth for Canada's 150th

Canada150 & RAW:churchill

Frontiers North is celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary of confederation with the launch of RAW:churchill.

Imagine dining inside the walls of a 300 year old fort under the northern lights and a world-class meal created by one of Canada's top chefs. This is RAW:churchill, a culinary and adventure travel experience like no other.


Join the adventure in 2017 and celebrate Canada's 150th in Churchill, Manitoba where your next life-changing experience awaits.

Frontiers North Adventures’ guiding foundation is our unwavering passion for Canada’s North – the extraordinary wildlife, the wide-open landscapes and the remarkable people and their customs.

We consider it a privilege to share this awe-inspiring land with visitors from around the world and we strive to create authentic experiences that our guests will remember as the trip of a lifetime.

Wide-open landscapes, incredible wildlife, and warm-hearted people of the north leave their mark on all who travel here, providing you a deeper appreciation for the beauty and wonder of Canada’s arctic north. Find your True North on an authentic experience with Frontiers North Adventures.

Come and let us share our world with you.


Photo © Eric Lindberg

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