Valentine Love from Churchill

We want you to share some love this Valentine's Day. Send these Valentine's to friends, family, colleagues, or even people you met on one of our tours.

We Remember Valentine's day when we were young. Exchanging cards with all our friends, pouring over the messages inside and looking over your favourites again and again. Somewhere along the way we stopped exchanging cards like we used to in school, but maybe for some old time’s sake you can send one along to a friend, family member or someone who’s caught your eye. 

We have put together a few different cards that you can share with whoever you like. Download and send a message through email or text or share through your favourite social media.

Make sure to tag us if you post to social @frontiersnorth! 

PolarBear-ValentineOriginal photo © Frontiers North Adventures

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Valentine-beluga-1Original photo © Doug Ross

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Valentine-DansDinerOriginal photo © Angèle Watrin Prodaehl

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Valentine-FoxOriginal photo ©JP McCarthy

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We encourage you to share your cards online, through a text or in an email. As a certified B Corp organization we always have sustainability on our minds. By being mindful and selective about what we print we help to reduce the amount of paper and ink being used. Little actions add up! We also know that not everyone is online so we have created an easy-to-print paper saving edition if you prefer to send your cards the old fashioned way.

Valentines Card CutOuts

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Finally, here is a little Valentine's video for you to enjoy, from us. We hope you have a great day!


Header Image © Helen Davis

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