5 Reasons to Go On a Summer Photo Adventure Trip in Churchill!

Coming 2025! Photo Adventure: Belgua whales in Churchill

We are excited to announce that in 2025 we will be offering a Photo Adventure: Beluga Whales in Churchill trip. This new addition will round out our photo specific tours offerings by offering a photo specific option during all three operating seasons: Autumn, Winter and now Summer!

Our photo trips have specific elements catered to those who are interested in photography. So grab those macro lenses and let’s take a look through the viewfinder to see what you can photograph on a trip to Churchill in the summer!

1. Flowers

Fireweed ©Abby Matheson
Round-leafed Orchid
Round-leafed Orchid ©Dave Allcorn
Lapland Rosebay

Lapland Rosebay ©Dave Allcorn

Arctic Avens
Arctic Avens ©Dave Allcorn
Alpine Arnica
Alpine Arnica ©Dave Allcorn
Prickly Saxifrage
Prickly Saxifrage ©Dave Allcorn
Common Butterwort
 Common Butterworth ©Dave Allcorn

To learn a bit more about flowers, check out our Favourite Flowers blog! The vibrancy of colours bringing the tundra to life during the summer is a sight to behold. Vivid purples, yellows and all the colours in between make Churchill an ideal place to practice your macro photography. On all our trips guests have the opportunity to learn about the flora and fauna of Churchill, but a Photo Adventure trip allows guests extra time to capture these images on camera.

2. Animals

Simon Gee_3
Silver Fox © Simon Gee
Alex Cupeiro--0979
Caribou © Alex Cupeiro
Bald Eagle © Sasha Stephanian
Polar Bear © Michael Simonetti

Caribou, foxes, polar bears and a wide variety of birds are just some of the animals that frequent the tundra in the summertime. With boat rides and Tundra Buggy adventures built into your itinerary there are options to not only see animals, but with like minded travelers time is given to allow for focus on getting that perfect shot!


3. Belugas

© Zhang Yongpeng
Heidi den Haan - beluga porpoising - Heidi
© Heidi den Haan
Belinda Beluga
© Belinda Fitzpatrick
Penny Hunter-belugas
© Penny Hunter

Don’t worry, we know that a beluga is an animal, but these super cetaceans deserve a category on their own, because they can be tricky to photograph. But it is oh-so-worth it when you finally do get that magical shot of a beluga cresting out of the water, with a big small on its face.


4. Sunsets, Sunrises and Nighttime Anomalies

Alex Cupeiro--0782
© Alex Cupeiro
© Jim Baldwin
© Frontiers North Adventures

Manitoba has magnificent sunsets and sunrises! Churchill is also home to some of the best northern lights viewing on the planet! One of the benefits of traveling with a photo specialist guide is that your guide will always be keeping their eyes open for fantastic photo opportunities when they arise. Maybe it is a beautiful sunrise on the shores of the Hudson Bay, a sunset with an iconic flag tree or you’re lucky enough to witness the northern lights; a photo specialist guide will help you to set up and use your equipment properly to help capture that magical shot.

5. Seawall murals

Alex Cupeiro--1461-2
Miss Piggy © Alex Cupeiro
Jessica Burtnick - 20170722_FNA Churchill Summer_JFi0017

 Know I'm Here © Jessica Burtnick

Polar Bear Jail © Heidi den Haan
Alex Cupeiro--1312

Polar Bear Mural in Town © Alex Cupeiro

In 2017 Churchill hosted different artists from around the globe to paint murals throughout the town and surrounding areas in a program called SeaWalls. The Sea Walls program was created with the intention to educate and inspire communities to protect the oceans. Churchill is a remote coastal community and organizing this event was difficult enough, but the difficulties were further intensified when the train line to Churchill fell into disrepair making air transportation the only way to get people and things in and out of Churchill.  Nothing worth doing is easy and these artists banded together to make the murals in Churchill a success. The juxtaposition of these murals within the townsite and landscapes of Churchill are all worthy landmarks for your shot list. 


Interested? join our 2025 Photo Adventure: Beluga whales in Churchill



Header image © Amelia Atkinson

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