What Churchill Trip is Perfect for Your Star Sign?

Are you looking for inspiration to find the perfect adventure? Checkout what trip to the subarctic of Churchill, Manitoba would be perfect for you based off your star sign. 

♈️ Aries

Belugas, Bears and Blooms Adventure

Aries are passionate, motivated and confident individuals with electric personalities. We think Aries would be well suited to a Belugas, Bears and Blooms adventure. Aries are known to be easily bored and crave a variety of things to do, making a summer adventure in Churchill the best match. Aries will be busy on this adventure viewing beluga whales, hiking through the Prince of Wales Fort and exploring the subarctic in a Tundra Buggy.

Aries©Abby Matheson

♉️ Taurus

Northern Lights and Winter Nights Trip

Known for their steadfast and down-to-earth personality, we think a Northern Lights and Winter Nights adventure in the subarctic is the perfect trip for Taurus looking to travel. On this adventure, Taurus can expect to connect with nature while staying comfortable. Taurus can relax on this trip and connect with nature as the itinerary includes snowshoeing, dining beneath the northern lights, dog sledding and evenings filled with northern lights viewing. 

Tarus©Frontiers North Adventures

♊️ Gemini

Canada's Big Five Safari

Gemini are constantly juggling a little bit of everything and looking to see it all, which is why we think our Canada's Big Five Safari trip is the perfect match. Gemini can unleash their inner child and let the wonders of Riding Mountain National Park and the Churchill Wildlife Management Area tickle their curiosity. Searching for black bears, moose, bison, polar bears and beluga whales is sure to give Gemini the variety they crave. 

Untitled design (2)-1©Jessica Burtnick

♋️ Cancer

Polar Bears at the Tundra Buggy Lodge

Cancer looks for a trip that is a blend of comfort and intensity in a trip and that is why we think a Polar Bears at the Tundra Buggy Lodge can satisfy this star sign. At the Tundra Buggy Lodge, Cancers can expect a comfortable stay and excellent meals combined with a dash of remote wilderness as they live amongst the polar bears in the Tundra Buggy Lodge. This sometimes reserved star sign is sure to come out of their comfort zone while staying in the Tundra Buggy Lodge where they can forge new relationships with fellow travellers.

Cancer©Jessica Burtnick

♌️ Leo 

Photo Adventure: Polar Bears At The Tundra Buggy Lodge

We think Leos would thrive on a Photo Adventure: Polar Bears at the Tundra Buggy Lodge trip, where they can be the life of the party and take some pretty epic photos to show off after their trip. On this adventure Leos can immerse themselves in the beauty of the subarctic, watching polar bears roam during the day and in the evening they can unleash their social butterfly, engaging with other travellers during dinner at the Tundra Buggy Lodge.  

Untitled design (4)©Jessica Burtnick

♍️ Virgo

Classic Churchill Polar Bear Adventure

Ever the practical traveller who looks to devote their whole heart to their decisions we think Virgos would be well suited to a Classic Churchill Polar Bear Adventure where they can let themselves connect with the polar bears. On this trip, Virgos can engage with their strong sense of empathy as they learn about polar bears and the subarctic ecosystem they call home. Known for their modesty and desire to help others, we think Virgos would enjoy their time wildlife viewing on a Tundra Buggy amongst like-minded guests. 

Untitled design (3)©Frontiers North Adventures

♎️ Libra

Northern Lights and Winter Nights

Known for their love of all things aesthetically pleasing we think Libras will have no trouble tapping into their hopeless romantic side and falling in love with the northern lights on a Northern Lights and Winter Nights adventure. On this adventure, Libras can expect to explore landscapes that match their charming and beautiful personalities. 

Libra©Emilie St. Pierre

♏️ Scorpio

Subarctic Discovery: Northern Lights 

Known for their intensity, strong emotions and determination, we think Scorpios would be best suited to a Subarctic Discovery: Northern Lights adventure where they can let themselves be lost in the northern lights. On this subarctic adventure, Scorpios can be in touch with their mystical side as they immerse themselves in the secrets of the dancing aurora borealis.

Scorpio©Cole Moszynski 

♐️ Sagittarius

Photo Adventure: Northern Lights

Highly motivated and quick to be inspired, we think Sagittarius will find themselves up for the challenge of capturing the northern lights in stunning photos on a Photo Adventure: Northern Lights trip. Sagittarius can let themselves become northern lights chasers and engage their intellectual mind as they learn about the natural phenomenon of the northern lights and the tips and tricks to astrophotography. 

Sagitarius©Mike Gere

♑️ Capricorn

Subarctic Discovery: Churchill Polar Bears

Grounded and hardworking, we think Capricorns would enjoy a Subarctic Discovery: Churchill Polar Bears trip where they can choose their departure city. Capricorns are known for holding others and things up to a high standard and we have no doubt an adventure to the North to view polar bears roaming their natural habitats will meet their standard. 

Capricorn©Jessica Burtnick

♒️ Aquarius

Conservation Journey: Beluga Whales

Highly intellectual and curious, much like beluga whales we think Aquarius star signs will enjoy a Conservation Journey®: Beluga Whales trip where they can fulfill their desire to learn and explore all at once. On this unique trip, Aquarius can use their forward and ingenious thinking to engage with a beluga whale scientist and learn about new inventive ways to bring conservation efforts into their life even after their trip. 

Aquarius©Dan Harper

♓️ pisces

conservation Journey®: Beluga Whales

We think the kind and empathetic nature of Pisces star signs will be well connected with a Subarctic Discovery: Churchill Beluga Whales trip where they can connect with the playful whales of the North. The town of Churchill is covered in beautiful murals that will stoke the creative and artistic inspiration of Pisces. Known for their effortless ability to adapt to surroundings, we think Pisces would enjoy the options of different departure cities that can be selected on our Subarctic Discovery trips. 

Pisces©Zhang Yongpeng

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