International Polar Bear Day

Join Our Friends Polar Bears international on February 27 

Join us in celebrating International Polar Bear Day and discovering what this day is all about, how you can be involved, and what we can all do to support Polar Bears International in their mission to conserve polar bears and the sea ice they depend on.

What is International Polar Bear Day

International Polar Bear Day was founded by our allies at Polar Bears International to coincide with the time period when moms and cubs are snuggling in dens. As part of the celebration of International Polar Bear Day, we all strive to understand the need to protect denning for polar bear families across the Arctic and subarctic.

Learn more about International Polar Bear Day here

Protecting Moms and Cubs


©Kt Miller/ Polar Bears International 

Born small and helpless, often weighing less than a house cat, baby polar bears are incredibly vulnerable, relying not only on their mothers for protection but also on a safe denning location. Mother polar bears and cubs rely on denning sites for those first few vulnerable months of a polar bear's life. Hence, it is crucial to protect these denning areas. If you want to learn more, check out the article about polar bear dens written by Polar Bears International below.

Polar Bear Denning Basics Article. 

People and Polar Bears Coexisting  

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©Esther Horvath

Though it might seem unbelievable for many, there are places where people might find polar bears within their own backyard, such as Churchill! As a warming climate causes polar bear ranges to adjust, people and polar bears must continue to find ways to coexist and share spaces in a manner that is safe for both species. Check out the article below to learn some of the ways that Polar Bears International is helping to facilitate better coexistence and understanding between people and polar bears.

Living Alongside Polar Bears Article 

Working Together For Polar BEars


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Frontiers North Adventures has been a platinum sponsor of Polar Bears International since the year 2000, working together to protect polar bears. One of the many ways that Frontiers North Adventures supports Polar Bears International is through the donation of Tundra Buggy® One (pictured above). Frontiers North Adventures donates Tundra Buggy One and a highly coveted permit that allows Tundra Buggy One to operate in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area.

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How Can You Be Involved THis Polar Bear Day? 
  • Tune into International Polar Bear Day events. See schedule here 

  • Donate to protect moms and cubs. From better understanding the denning period, to protecting moms and cubs from disturbances, and addressing the overarching threat of climate change, your gift will help polar bear families. 

  • Send a free polar bear e-card. Help spread the word about International Polar Bear Day with a polar bear mom and cub e-card.

  • Learn more about international polar bear Day. Dive into what International Polar Bear Day means and the things that we can do to help polar bears. Visit Polar Bears International. 

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