Introducing Our 2021 Polar Bear Tour Lineup!

This autumn, we are offering seven types of polar bear experiences. Learn which tour is the right one for you!

That's right, it's the most wonderful time of the year! Polar bears are beginning to make their way back to Churchill where they will wait for the annual freeze-up of Hudson Bay. And for those who have always wanted to view and photograph majestic polar bears in the wild, this could finally be the year you come to Churchill!

Beginning August 9, anyone in the United States who has been fully immunized for COVID-19 at least 2 weeks prior to their travel in Churchill do not have to self isolate!* Additionally, starting on September 7, fully COVID-19 immunized travellers from all other countries can enter Canada without self isolating. We are ecstatic to welcome our U.S. and international friends back in Churchill; we have some fantastic polar bear trip options for every kind of traveller.
*Subject to public health restrictions.


1. board a flight from montréal and discover the canadian subarctic

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Churchill is a magical place to visit but is pretty remote as it's only accessible by train or plane. Because of its remote location, travel to Churchill can be a challenge to navigate. For Eastern United States and Canada, we have met that challenge with an amazing opportunity for an exhilarating polar bear adventure. You can now fly direct from Montréal to Churchill on our Subarctic Discovery trips!  Churchill's unmatched beauty and wild polar bears are closer to you than EVER before.


2. a roadtrip like no other: drive and train to churchill!


© Uli Kunz

Drive and ride your way! Our brand-new Churchill Autumn Rail and Road Trip adventure puts you in the driver's seat and lets you explore Manitoba—and its incredible polar bears—at your own pace! Perfect for independent travellers or families who love hitting the open road, this tour gives you the option to drive yourself to Thompson, Manitoba where you will then catch the train to begin your journey to Churchill with VIA Rail Canada. This is an unescorted tour, meaning you will not have an Interpretive Guide with you, but don't worry, our expertly-planned itinerary and activities will be all you need to have a fantastic adventure!


3. the all-inclusive experience

A polar bear and Tundra Buggies in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area

© Abby Matheson

For travellers who prefer having an Interpretive Guide show them the way, our  Classic Churchill Polar Bear Adventure gives you just that! Fly private from Winnipeg to Churchill on a five day all-inclusive tour that will leave you in awe of Churchill's culture, people and wildlife. This hotel-based adventure offers the excitement of polar bear viewing from a Tundra Buggy® and plenty of opportunity to indulge in the eclectic charm of the community of Churchill.


4. Fly to churchill and back—in one day

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Short on time? How does the excitement of polar bear viewing all in one day sound? Our One Day Polar Bear Adventure lets you fly private, roundtrip from Winnipeg to Churchill—the Polar Bear Capital of the World—with Dr. Stephen Petersen, Director of Conservation and Research at Assiniboine Park Zoo, and experience a full-day Tundra Buggy adventure in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area!


5. have you ever met a polar bear scientist – you will on this trip

Polar Bears International's Buggy One, a roaming broadcast station in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area.

© Fang Tiemann 

Our immersive Conservation Journeys® offer up-close wildlife encounters with a strong focus on conservation and education. This adventure offers you a unique opportunity to join esteemed polar bear scientist, Dr. Steven Amstrup on an exclusive tour as you travel into the heart of polar bear country. It's not every day you are out in the middle of the Churchill Wildlife Management Area with a polar bear expert available to answer any polar bear question you ever had!  


6. Wake up to polar bears right in the heart of bear country


© Simon Gee

Fall asleep with polar bears right outside your window or watch them play while you enjoy your morning cup of coffee! Immersed in the heart of polar bear country in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area is our one-of-a-kind, pop-up Tundra Buggy Lodge. Far from the lights of town, on a clear night you might even see the dance of the northern lights above. If you have ever wanted to feel like you were a part of something bigger than yourself, stand on the observation deck and look out onto the vast tundra at the comings and goings of polar bears and other arctic wildlife in their natural habitat. 


7. the must-experience day excursion in churchill

Two polar bears spar in front of a Tundra Buggy in Churchill, Canada

© Alex Berger

Planning your own adventure to Churchill? An Autumn Tundra Buggy® Day Tour is the best and safest way to view the majestic polar bear in its natural environment and is a great way to spend a day if you have already booked your own travel and accommodations. With a professional Tundra Buggy Driver who knows the land and the animals, they are your best possible guide for a day of wildlife viewing!

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