Learn About The Solar Peak and Northern Lights

There has never been a better time to chase the northern lights as there is a solar maximum expected in 2024/2025. During the solar maximum, large solar storms occur, creating a period of increased aurora borealis activity and a dramatic increase in the chance of witnessing intense aurora.

Solar Peak in 2024/2025

The increase in solar activities during the solar maximum means that the sun is more active, and with the solar storms that take place, there is an increased frequency of solar storms that cause solar winds and coronal mass ejections. The materials released in coronal mass ejections and through solar winds can be responsible for generating the aurora borealis in the northern hemisphere. When the materials interact with Earth's magnetic field, they react with particles in our atmosphere, creating the natural phenomenon we call the aurora borealis.

Why Churchill is Optimal for Aurora Borealis Viewing


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For anyone seeking to witness the dazzling northern lights, there is no better place to go than Churchill, Manitoba, located directly beneath the auroral oval. The auroral oval is where electrons get trapped in the earth's magnetic field and are funnelled along the magnetic field toward the polar regions in halo-like shapes and interact with the atmosphere to create the northern lights. The northern town of Churchill has an ideal placement for watching the aurora borealis as it is located right in the middle of the aurora oval band. The most intense activity occurs in the middle of the band, producing the most vibrant northern lights.

Conditions Needed for Northern Lights Viewing


For phenomenal northern lights viewing, a few things are required: solar activity to produce the display, a location in which the aurora oval can be viewed and clear skies to allow the northern lights to be spotted from Earth. Churchill offers excellent visibility in the winter months, as when the Hudson Bay is frozen over, more frequent nights of clear skies provide aurora borealis seekers better odds of good visibility. Though the temperatures may be cold during Churchill's winter months, the cold air reduces condensation and provides clear skies. Frontiers North Adventures operates northern lights trips during the months of February and March where clear skies are most likely to provide good visibility for northern lights viewing.

Dan's Diner: A Culinary experience Beneath the Aurora Borealis

For those who may be looking for an extra special way to take advantage of the solar maximum and northern lights viewing, why not come to Churchill and dine beneath the northern lights on the frozen Churchill River. Dan’s Diner is an extraordinary culinary experience that takes place far from the lights of town where guests can enjoy a multi-seven course meal as the aurora borealis dances above their heads. Equipped with skylights and panoramic windows this specially designed dining unit is the perfect place to wait for the aurora borealis to make its appearance. Dan’s Diner is an exclusive experience only available to guests on a Frontiers North Adventures northern lights trip. 

Inclusions on a Frontiers North Adventures Northern Lights Trip:

  • Aurora borealis viewing at a different location each evening
  • Dog sledding through the boreal forest
  • Visiting local museums to learn about the areas history and cultures
  • Snowshoe adventure through pristine landscapes
  • Culinary experience at Dan's Diner
  • Visit to Polar Bears International House

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