Churchill Makes TIME Magazine’s Annual List of The World’s Greatest Places for 2023

Churchill Makes Time’s list of The World’s Greatest Places of 2023

In March, TIME magazine awarded Churchill, Manitoba with the auspicious distinction of being one of The World’s Greatest Places of 2023. Not only is this a select list of 50 places to visit, but there were only two Canadian destinations on the entire list.

Snagging the category of northern wonders the article opens with a beautiful image of the northern lights dancing above the snow covered ground and goes on to talk about the spectacular northern lights in the winter months, the wild polar bears of autumn and the playful beluga whales that visit Churchill in the summer.  

Churchill is a special place with lots to offer, no matter when you visit, and the summer months are no exception. Summer is arguably the most underrated season that Churchill has to offer and in the theme of northern wonders we put together a list of the Churchill's summer northern wonders to help inspire your next trip!

1- Prince of Wales Fort National Historic Site
Two girls are at Prince of Wales Fort, one points to to something in the distance.

© Alex Cupeiro

Only accessible by boat during the summer months, this national historic site was built over 250 years ago. Walk through the side wooden doors and find yourself enveloped in the history of the Hudson Bay Company and the fur trade. As you explore this site you get the chance to see the 42 cannons that defended the fort and learn what life in the north was like throughout history!

2- Summer Northern Lights
Summer northern lights in Churchill over the Hudson Bay.

© Alex Cuperio

Although this isn’t the most opportune time to see the aurora borealis — that’s winter! This dazzling display sometimes makes an appearance during the late months of summer. Churchill's location of being beneath the auroral oval makes it an ideal place to see the northern lights. There's nothing like looking up at the magical dancing lights as you feel the warm embrace of a summer breeze off the Hudson Bay. 

3- Beluga Zodiac
Guests watch a beluga from a Zodiac.

© Alex Cupeiro

Imagine yourself on a Zodiac in Churchill’s river estuary, teeming with beluga whales - the largest population of beluga whales in the world. Here visitors witness beluga whales migrating to the river estuary to give birth and raise their young. In addition to a beluga Zodiac guests may also have the chance to experience kayaking or stand up paddle boarding. 


4- Baby Belugas
2 Beluga whales in the Churchill River estuary

© Jim Baldwin

Queue song What’s cuter a baby beluga or a baby polar bear? You can spot baby belugas (calves) by their distinctive grey colour and size, nearly 5 feet in length. Keep your ears open for the distinctive beluga chatter that earns beluga’s the nickname canaries of the sea!


5- Flowers
A guest photographing the fireweed in Churchill.

© Frontiers North Adventures

From fabulous fireweed, to the bright yellow Arnicas and everything in between. Visitors may have the chance to experience over 400 different varieties of plants. Check out our blog all about flowers.


6- Birds
An arctic tern flying above Churchill.

© Abby Matheson

Churchill Manitoba is a birder's paradise with over 250 migratory species that fly through during the summer! Even non-birder’s will have a hoot when learning that Arctic Terns have the longest migrations in the world, with a 30,000km round trip from the Arctic Circle to the Antarctic Circle- talk about tired wings.  Want to learn more about birds, check out our blog!


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