Unpacking the Tips On Packing Sustainably

You have done your research and sought out an organization that aligns with your social and environmental mindset, you’ve booked your trip, reserved your tickets and now all that is left to do is pack! 

How can you pack to be sustainable and why does this matter? 

Let’s start with the why. Packing intentionally ensures that you’re keeping the weight of your luggage down, which means less energy to transport it and let's face it - it’s easier for you too! Packing intentionally also helps you to seek out sustainably focused items should you need to buy anything new. Finally looking ahead at what you may need can help you to be self-sufficient and not have to rely on single-use items or products that may not serve you in the future. 

Let’s Unpack the How To!

#1 Making a List

Each of our trips offer a packing list, you can find them by clicking on the After You Have Booked Tab through this link. A packing list helps to ensure that you have everything, but also, that you’re not packing too much or missing something vital.


#2 Roll Up!

Use the flight attendant clothing roll to conserve space (and prevent wrinkles). The roll helps you to utilize the most space in your bag, it’s also handy for pairing outfits together - group and roll your pajamas together, it will make bed time a breeze!

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#3 Frontiers North Gear Rental Program

Did you know that Frontiers North Adventures offers a gear rental program for our winter and autumn adventures? Instead of buying gear you may only use once, consider renting our gear. Even if you have winter gear you can save yourself the hassle of traveling with it by utilizing some or all of the gear we offer. With sturdy Baffin boots, and warm Canada Goose parkas and snow pants you can be confident you will stay warm. Learn more about our Gear Rental Program.


© Emilie St. Pierre

#4 To-Go Flasks and Water Bottles

Many people have the great habit of carrying a water bottle. When you're traveling you can also consider bringing your to-go flask for warm drinks in addition to your water bottle, just make sure both your water bottle and to-go flask are empty when you’re passing through security!


#5 A Reusable Container

We store our left overs at home in a reusable container, why not skip the restaurant’s to-go container and use your own reusable container? A reusable container can double for storing small items like pens, earrings and other accessories while you’re traveling as well as any liquids in your checked baggage - just in case!


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#6 Utensils

Travel utensils are a great way to avoid the single use cutlery that often comes with takeaway meals. You can consider a small item, like a spork, which doubles as both a spoon and a fork.


#7 Liquid Free Toiletry Products

Liquid toiletries can be heavy and cumbersome, not to mention the worry that they could spill in your bag! There are some great toiletry products on the market that help to keep your weight down and also allow you to travel liquid free. Consider shampoo and conditioner bars as well as chewable toothpaste tablets. Many communities have refilleries where you can find these sorts of items, in addition to refilling household supplies, such as hand soap and cleaning products.


#8 Versatile clothing and footwear

Many brands are making clothes that are functional, but also look good! Consider a plain coloured merino wool baselayer, which will help keep you warm, but double as a nice shirt for dinner! Using clothing items that work across multiple outfits is a great tip, but if you’re a bit forgetful, snap a photo of each outfit with your phone before leaving and reference back when you are on your trip.

#9 A Tablet or E-Reader

Do you fall into the trap of thinking you're going to answer all your unread emails and read 3 different paperbacks while you’re on holiday? You’re not alone! Even though all our trips offer downtime, our trips are pleasantly full. With this in mind, it might be worthwhile ditching the paperbacks and laptop in exchange for a tablet or e-reader.

#10 A Reusable Shopping Bag and Shopping mindfully

Whether it’s for snacks, souvenir shopping, or carry-on items for the plane a reusable shopping bag is always handy to have. Mementos and souvenirs are a part of traveling for most people, consider buying flat items such as pictures, tea towels or t-shirts where you can use your well practiced flight attendant clothing roll. When you're shopping, try to purchase locally or regionally made gifts.

Fifty Eight North at 124 Kelsey Boulevard offers a great selection of souvenirs. 


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#11 Ditch the Paper

Put your travel documents, such as airplane tickets and itineraries on your smartphone.

#12 Borrow, Rent or Buy Second Hand

Last but not least, you probably have a lot of the travel items you will need in your home already, but if you don’t, consider borrowing, renting or buying second hand before you go out and buy new. 

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