3 Reasons Why our Conservation Journeys are a Special Experience

For those passionate about responsible tourism and wildlife, our Conservation Journeys® provide an immersive wildlife adventure with a keen focus on conservation and education.

Back in 2015 we introduced Conservation Journey: Polar Bears, a conservation-focused departure hosted with our partners at Polar Bears International. Since then, these trips have been very well received by our guests, so in 2021 we are growing the franchise and introducing Conservation Journey: Belugas Whales! This new departure is co-hosted with Raincoast Conservation Foundation supporting their Cetacean Conservation Research Program. 

Our Conservation Journeys feature three very special experiences that separate them from our other adventures:


1. Your tour will be accompanied by an accomplished wildlife SCIENTIST

raincoast-conservation-foundation-icon-2020-v1.0  PBI_Logo_Final_Blue (1)

Who better to learn about polar bear or beluga whale conservation from? You will have the benefit of experiencing Churchill with a scientist, celebrated for her or his work, who will provide insights and answer any questions you may have. Talk about an exclusive experience!

Now, who are these accomplished scientists joining our tours?

Conservation Journey: Polar Bears is joined by a scientist from Polar Bears International, the only nonprofit entirely dedicated to conserving polar bears and the sea ice they depend on. Polar Bears International has leading polar bear researchers on their team, one of whom will accompany your Conservation Journey®: Polar Bears guests throughout your adventure as you observe polar bears in their natural habitat.

Conservation Journey: Beluga Whales is joined by a beluga whale researcher from Raincoast Conservation Foundation who will accompany you throughout your adventure. They will teach you all about cetacean research, biology, and analyze behaviours you will observe together out on the Churchill River surrounded by beluga whales.



Two polar bear cubs in Churchill, Canada Mother and calf beluga whales in the Churchill River

Left photo ©Simon Gee, Right photo ©Valeria Vergara

That's right! Partial proceeds from our Conservation Journey trips will go toward one of these fantastic organizations in support of their programs and conservation efforts. This means not only can you learn directly from the scientists of these organizations, but you can also feel good about directly supporting the worthy causes they stand for.


3. experience exclusive access to wildlife research infrastructure

All Conservation Journey: Polar Bears guests will get a behind-the-scenes tour of Tundra Buggy® One, the mobile research station we provided Polar Bears International with to study polar bears in the wild. Buggy One is outfitted with tools and equipment that enable polar bear scientists to study bears and broadcast live polar bear footage with audiences around the world!

Buggy One studying polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

©Fang Tiemann

Meanwhile, all Conservation Journey: Beluga Whales guests will be treated to a behind-the-scenes tour of the Beluga Boat, a vessel documenting the daily goings-on of belugas in the Churchill River, equipped with above and below water cameras allowing viewers around the world to see the belugas up close via live stream.

The Beluga Boat in the Churchill River

The ultimate goal of our Conservation Journeys is for guests to experience the incredible wildlife of Canada's North and inspire them with this simple truth: there are easy, tangible steps we can each take in our daily lives to protect these vulnerable species and the habitats they rely on. Together, our actions can make a difference and ensure these animals are conserved for future generations to see.

 is a conservation-focused adventure just right for you?

Learn more about them below!

Conservation Journey: Polar Bears

Conservation Journey: Beluga Whales

"This trip exceeded my expectations. Truly a trip of a lifetime! To see polar bears in their habitat with expert interpretation by our guide and driver was a thrill. We chose Frontiers North because we were impressed by their ecological footprint and concerns. They respect and protect the bears."

– 2019 Conservation Journey: Polar Bears guest





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