What to Wear - Churchill Winter Edition

Are you planning to visit Churchill, Manitoba during the winter months? We've got some packing suggestions to help prepare for your northern lights adventure.

Churchill is one of the best destinations in the world for viewing the northern lights; located directly under the auroral oval, Churchill has many nights of northern lights activity per year.

People travelling to Churchill in the winter enjoy outdoor activities such as dog sledding and snowshoeing through the boreal forest. In the evenings we board a Tundra Buggy® and head far away from the lights of town to view the aurora borealis in all its glory from the warmth and comfort of the Thanadelthur Lounge.

If you think Churchill gets cold in the winter, you would be correct. Temperature can vary from -27 ºC to -20 ºC (-13 ºF to -3 ºF), but often strong winds can push the temperature down several more degrees (the ‘windchill’ factor). The Tundra Buggies and Thanadelthur Lounge are heated, however dressing in warm layers is the best way to stay comfortable.

Here is a list of items that we recommend you pack for your time in Churchill:

  • Warm hooded parka
  • Long underwear
  • Snow/ski/wind pants
  • Wool sweater
  • Wool blend socks
  • Fleece sweat pants
  • Turtle-necks
  • Hooded sweatshirt
  • Warm gloves/mitts
  • Thin gloves
  • Wool hat or toque
  • Scarf
  • Warm, rubber-soled boots
  • Binoculars
  • Moisturizer and lip-balm
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera manual
  • Camera tripod
  • Reusable, sealable travel mug or water bottle

Watch the video below to see what you can experience on a Northern Lights and Winter Nights adventure!

Header photo © Bob Debets

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