Earth Day 2023

Earth Day is just around the corner and in preparation, we are sharing the actions our friends Polar Bears International are suggesting we take to help move the dial on climate change. So that we can all contribute to creating a better future, both for polar bears and for everyone else.

What is the Focus this Earth Day?

Our Earth Day focus is on human-caused climate change, with impacts that extend well beyond polar bears and the Arctic to our own backyards. Together, we can help fast-track climate action—adding to the momentum and serving as extra hands to push the climate boulder up the hill.

Our friends Polar Bears International have put together ways you can be involved: 

It may feel daunting to try and get involved but ur friends Polar Bears International have some suggestions of how you and your loved ones can take an active role in Earth Day this year: 

  • Tune into Polar Bears International live chats
    Join Polar Bears International on Facebook and Instagram Friday, April 21, at 12 pm Central for “Show and Tell: Behind the Scenes of Svalbard Fieldwork” with Polar Bears International staff showing what they pack for Arctic conditions and talking about what they do. You can also watch our social channels for other Earth Week events, including a special update from scientists in Churchill and a dispatch from the Columbus Zoo.
  • Become part of the solution
    Check out the Advocacy Toolkit that Polar Bears International created so you can find a way to plug in based on your own strengths and interests.
  • Watch an inspiring TED Talk
    Listen as Director of Conservation Outreach and Staff Scientist at Polar Bears International, Alysa McCall, offers solutions on coexisting with polar bears.
  • Share the message
    Show your love of polar bears and commitment to the planet. Send a free Earth Day e-card provided by Polar Bears International. 


Images: ©Kt Miller/ Polar Bears International 

Why Does Sea Ice Matter? 

The Arctic is warming nearly four times as fast as the rest of the planet, causing the sea ice to melt. Polar bears rely on sea ice to hunt, breed, roam, and sometimes den.

It’s not just about polar bears. Sea ice also serves as the earth’s air conditioner, helping to stabilize our global climate and keep our planet cool.

The recent IPCC global climate report is crystal clear, for polar bears and for everyone else: human-caused climate change threatens all life on this planet, we need to swiftly reduce fossil fuel emissions to address it, and we have a roadmap to securing that safer and brighter future.


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An alliance about Polar Bears

Did you know that Frontiers North Adventures and Polar Bears International have had an alliance since 2000. Frontiers North Adventures is proud to be a Platinum sponsor of Polar Bears International, working together to build a better future for polar bears and their habitat. Learn more about this partnership here. 

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